Why Choose Us ?

With our many years of expertise, experienced employees, extensive network of local hubs, flexibility, innovative and particularly customer-oriented approach, we are your best choice as a logistics partner. We meet all the expectations you have in 2022 from a logistics partner in a market that is constantly changing.

Traceability, digitization, good care for your products, punctuality and sustainability are obvious to us. The crucial last part of your e-commerce story, the ecological bicycle supplier in the inner city, the most ambitious vision in a changing sector,… look no further, you have arrived safely at COREXO BV.

We are happy to take you through this site in our beautiful growth story and are happy to explain our vision, values, cases and figures.

At COREXO BV we embrace six company values that uphold our longstanding successful partnerships and our long-term goals for the future. We all work toward a common goal: We don’t just move our customers’ goods, we take them further. We are one team united with one goal. Our employees deliver dedicated and integrated solutions, connecting the world.

All of our services are digitally managed to enhance visibility and agility. Your supply chain will benefit from greater consistency, lower cost and the ability to shift seamlessly between modes with a single source.

Our experts take the time to understand your requirements and recommend an approach that flexes as your needs evolve. All of our solutions prioritise on-time performance and visibility.

For shippers with multinational requirements, we can arrange negotiated truckload terms for service across Europe. In addition, all of our truckload customers have easy access to our full range of COREXO transport modes.







Flexible Pricing

The team of experts in the field of economics and logistics continuously searches and sets flexible prices for our clients according to their needs and the functions of the movements in these two categories, setting a price up to 25% lower than our competitors and market value.

Creative Solutions

Sustainable transportation can enhance economic growth, promote trade opportunities and improve accessibility. Sustainable, reliable and safe transportation achieves better integration of the economy while respecting the environment.

Premium Support

The support offered to our customers is fast and also appropriate, because we do not leave any problem unsolved until both parties are satisfied and the transport will be carried out in the best conditions, the goods will not suffer damage, the goods will arrive at their destination on time, and the invoicing program allows the client to have a safe and efficient payment.